Therapist Biography

KeikoKeiko Hoshi (pronounced Kay-ko) was born in Japan on the northern island of Hokkaido. As the daughter of a Physical Education teacher (mother) and well known baseball and ice-hockey coach (father), Keiko quickly entered a life of sports and athleticism. As a child she actively competed in speed skating, basketball, volleyball, downhill and cross country skiing as well as numerous running events. Keiko soon followed her parent's footsteps by attending and graduating from Nippon Tai-iku Daigaku, Japan's premier Sports Science and Physical Education University, where she earned a degree in Sports Physiology. While attending the university, Keiko developed a love for the sport of Triathlon (swimming, cycling and running event) and began a 12 year career as a professional athlete where she earned the privilege of competing as a member of Japan's National Team.

athleteAfter retiring in 2001, Keiko began to reflect on how she was able to demand so much physical performance over a long career without suffering any major injuries. Through careful reflection, Keiko felt that the number one factor that kept her body healthy and injury free was that she consistently received skilled massage from professional therapist. To pay back her appreciation for all her wonderful experience as an athlete, Keiko decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. She studied massage at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, one of the nation's most recognized massage schools located in Austin, Texas. After graduating from their basic and advanced courses, Keiko founded Tri-Star Massage Therapy and Sports Consultation, providing service to the Mansfield, Texas area.

Helpful Tips For A Successful Massage Experience

  • Arrive to your massage session on time, with a positive attitude and a clean body, free of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • The therapist is trained in draping techniques. Feel secure that you will never be exposed during the session.
  • Work actively to consciously relax and breathe during the massage session. The client and therapist must work together to produce optimal results.
  • Help maintain a relaxed environment conducive to therapy. Please keep talking to a minimum and turn off cellular phones and electronic equipment.
  • Trust your therapist. A skilled therapist "reads" and "communicates" with the client's body through skilled touch. Try to let go of preconceived ideas about what your body needs. Expect a good therapist to work areas opposite of where you feel tension or pain and to use various levels of pressure.
  • Falling asleep during massage is normal due to deepened states of relaxation. Staying awake during the massage, however, will help make the session more effective by allowing you to consciously focus on receiving therapy.